Transforming Our Leaders, Transforming Our Cities

LAANE believes that it takes strong and resilient people to advance a bold progressive agenda and build a more powerful social justice movement.

Our leadership development work is grounded in the belief that we all have the capacity to be leaders in our communities and in our organizations. We work to create a culture of leadership and transformation by combining thoughtful learning and reflection with concrete systems and practices that help us be better communicators, smarter planners, and authentic partners who can embrace other points of view and work through differences and conflict.

We engage in leadership development at multiple levels – on our teams, in our supervisory relationships, through strategic training and facilitation, and through coaching and coach training. In the communities where we organize and build powerful coalitions, leadership development is ongoing and organic. We promote skill-building for individuals who are finding their own voice and leading change in their communities and workplaces, such as Long Beach Rising.  

LAANE’s commitment to creating real opportunities for leadership and transformation is evident in our investment in an in-house professional certified coach and trainer to do this critical work with us. We take pride in our leaders – who are openhearted and broadminded – and successful in building powerful coalitions and winning policies that create good jobs and healthier communities. Our shared values of justice, equity, courage, and compassion drive our work and sustain and energize us.

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