2020 Women for a New Los Angeles Luncheon Canceled

Thank you to our LAANE and Women for a New Los Angeles families for your continued support. Because of COVID-19 precautions and out of respect for our community’s health, the 2020 Women for a New Los Angeles Luncheon has been canceled.

However, LAANE is proactively working with community and labor allies, under the leadership of the LA County Federation of Labor, to protect Angelenos during this time of great economic uncertainty. To learn more, please visit

We appreciate your support, as an ally and a donor, which allows us to continue this work. And please save the date:

City of Justice Awards Dinner:
Thursday, December 3, 2020

2021 Women for a New Los Angeles Luncheon:
Friday, April 30, 2021


From the beginning, LAANE has seen its role as not only running successful campaigns to raise standards for low-wage workers and low-income communities, but also training the next generation of activists.

LAANE has offered internships as part of college study or as summer placements. Both undergraduate and graduate students have benefited from their time with LAANE, and many have gone on to permanent jobs with LAANE or similar activist organizations. LAANE offers training in community organizing, research and communications.

In 2012, LAANE established the Beth and Julia Meltzer Internship Program. With the annual support of private donors, LAANE now works to offer expanded internship training opportunities to young people to help jump-start their careers as social justice advocates. LAANE’s internship program has now become a centerpiece of the Women for a New Los Angeles Luncheon.

"It was challenging in many ways, but it was also
just as rewarding. I have had a lot of personal
growth while working here and I’m grateful for
that, but most of all, the people I have met
working here is what shaped my experience."
-Jonathan Cruz, 2016 Intern
"Being a part of this internship program has
taught me to never underestimate the power of
people uniting for a common cause."
-Sharon On, 2015 Intern
"I think the internship program provides a
very supportive and nurturing learning
environment for interns that helps them grow."
-Jue Wang, 2015 Intern
"I had never experienced an office environment
that had more intelligent, passionate and values-
driven people. Creating change in the world can
take a lifetime, but seeing change in yourself can
take just one summer."
-Julia Hubbell, 2014 Intern
"By the end of the summer, I’d helped to secure
five neighborhood council endorsements,
inaugurated a new farmer’s market outreach
program and orchestrated delegations of key
community leaders to four different council members’
-Julia Gould, 2014 Intern


Jude Narita, Performer (2010) Maria Bello, Speaker (2010) Ramona Ripston, Honoree (2010) Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Emcee (2011) Peggy Orenstein, Speaker (2011) Suzy Marks, Honoree (2011) Diane Bonta, Honoree (2011) Katherine Spillar, Speaker (2012) Laphonza Butler, Honoree (2012) Beth & Julia Meltzer, Honorees (2012) Catherine Dent, Emcee (2013) Lisa See, Keynote Speaker (2013) Joyce Appleby, Honoree (2013) Alice Goff, Honoree (2013) Holly J. Mitchell, Emcee (2014) Nina Revoyr, Keynote Speaker (2014) HBO's Getting On, Honoree (2014) Margo Feinberg, Honoree (2014) SHOWTIME's Masters of Sex,
Honoree (2015)
Kabira Stokes, Honoree (2015) Holly J. Mitchell, Emcee (2015) Get Lit, Performers (2015) Kamala Lopez, Emcee (2016) Amy Elaine Wakeland,
Presenter (2016)
Shawn McCloud, Honoree (2016) Nancy Cohen, Honoree (2016) Angie Fisher, Performer (2016) Ana Guerrero, Honoree (2017) Gabrielle Carteris, Honoree (2017) Kamala Lopez, Emcee (2017) Holly Mitchell, Keynote (2017) Lara Bergthold, Honoree (2018) Hotel Worker Silence Breakers,
Honoree (2018)
Lisa Vidal, Emcee (2018) Norman Lear, Special Presenter (2018) Tichina Arnold & Gabrielle Carteris,
Special Presenters (2018)
Lisa Vidal, Emcee (2019) Eri Ishizuka, Julia Asano, and
Yeeman Mui, Performers (2019)
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez,
Special Presenter (2019)
UNAC/UHCP, Honoree (2019) Adrienne Carter,
Special Presenter (2019)
Ryan Michelle Bathe,
Honorees (2019)