Over the past several decades, private fundraising has become integral to building and sustaining healthy nonprofit organizations. Not only does it generate necessary funding, but it creates a base of friends and supporters while providing unrestricted income. Over the past 15 years, LAANE has built an unrivaled private fundraising structure, complementing its foundation grants and coalition partners’ support. The cornerstone of our private fundraising, the City of Justice Awards Dinner, is today the premier progressive dinner in Southern California with nearly 1,000 attendees from the entertainment industry, philanthropy, business, politics and local grassroots communities. LAANE’s other marquee fundraiser, the Women for a New Los Angeles Luncheon, is a powerful gathering of women from all sectors, boasting an attendance of over 700. LAANE’s InterAct program attracts young professionals – particularly in the entertainment industry – who are among the more than 200 who annually attend our Small Talk Big Change event.

We raise over $1.3 million each year in private money, and we succeed because we approach fundraising in the same strategic way we approach our campaigns. We are very proud of creating the fundraising-focused Advisory Board, a group of influential connectors and donors who are skilled in communicating our vision. Additionally, LAANE’s leadership and management team actively fundraise and strategize with the development team.

To do effective work and create comprehensive change, nonprofits have to implement a fundraising model that has longevity and a diverse pool of donors. LAANE invests in its leaders and teaches staff the importance of fundraising and strategic thinking. We are so grateful to our generous donors for their continuous support, and for our part we promise that LAANE is in it to win it and will continue to make great things happen in the quest for economic and environmental justice in Los Angeles and beyond.

Moving Onward,

Stella T. Maloyan

Your Support Reshapes L.A.

Accomplishments by Numbers

“[LAANE is] the leader of the groups around the country working for more equitable economic development.” —Shawn Escoffery, Surdna Foundation

LAANE relies on foundation grants, supportive allies, and generous donors like you. Your donations allow us to continue finding solutions to the challenges of economic and environmental injustice in Los Angeles and beyond.

Support & Revenue


1 million

people receiving a raise from the new L.A. minimum wage ordinance

$485 million

in environmental improvements to communities surrounding LAX


people positively impacted by the Century Boulevard Hotel Living Wage ordinance


reduction in truck-related pollution at the Port of Los Angeles, the nation’s largest port


fewer premature deaths from pollution in neighborhoods surrounding the Port.


good local jobs generated by the Construction Careers project


lower energy bills for LADWP customers participating in RePower LA


apartment residents who will receive recycling services thanks to Don’t Waste LA