The Road to Shared Prosperity: The Regional Economic Benefits of the San Pedro Bay Ports’ Clean Trucks Program


The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are currently considering implementing a Clean Trucks Program (CTP) as part of the Ports’ overall Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP). The CTP would limit access to Port terminals to approved concessionaire trucking companies that operate clean trucks and utilize employee drivers. The CAAP is a broader program designed to reduce all Ports-related pollution by 45 percent in five years. This study attempts to quantify the financial impacts of what most experts argue is a failed port trucking system. As we will see, the status quo has tremendous costs associated with it. The Ports will provide dramatic and quantifiable benefits to the surrounding communities by implementing the CTP.

Over the first five years of the CTP, we project that the community will see direct and indirect financial benefits of over $4.2 billion.