Building Opportunity: Investing in our Future Through a Port Construction Careers Policy


At a time when Los Angeles is losing tens of thousands of jobs, planned public investment in our infrastructure remains a bright spot, offering the potential to stimulate the economy and create good jobs.

A key target for infrastructure investment is the Port of Los Angeles, the busiest port in the United States and one of the primary economic engines of Southern California. Port officials are planning to invest $3.7 billion on a capital improvement program expected to create an estimated 13,700 construction jobs over the next ten years, according to a LAANE review of proposed projects. This is good news for an industry that has lost more than 23,500 jobs in Los Angeles County since 2008 due to both the housing and financial crises.

This policy brief examines the economic conditions of L.A.’s struggling communities and the challenges and opportunities presented by job creation in the construction sector. The adoption of a Port of Los Angeles Construction Careers Policy is recommended as a way to ensure that the anticipated massive public investment creates good jobs and expands opportunity for local residents, especially those residing near the Port of L.A.