A Study in Corporate Irresponsibility: McDonald’s Corporation’s Operations at LAX


McDonald’s at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has repeatedly violated both the letter and the spirit of its concession agreement with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), an extensive review of public documents and interviews with McDonald’s employees has found. In the most egregious cases, McDonald’s Corporation has attempted to avoid paying $843,742 in profit-sharing fees that a LAWA audit determined were owed to the Airport, and changed ownership of two of its restaurants without seeking the required approval by the Board of Airport Commissioners. McDonald’s conduct at LAX has deprived LAWA of revenues. In addition, health and safety violations may have put LAX customers at risk, while McDonald’s employees complain of harassment and dangerous conditions in the workplace.

McDonald’s track record at LAX appears to be part of a larger pattern of corporate irresponsibility worldwide. In country after country, McDonald’s seems to have put customers’ health and safety at risk and flouted laws intended to protect the health and safety of restaurant patrons and workers.

Based on a review of public records, newspaper articles, interviews, and corporate documents, this report evaluates McDonald’s corporate practices at LAX and worldwide. The evidence demonstrates that McDonald’s is not acting responsibly in its dealings with LAWA, providing quality service to consumers or a safe and secure workplace for its employees.