Xuong Cam

Employee, Isidore Electronics Recycling

Xuong Cam is a prime example of how the emerging electronics recycling sector gives second chances to Angelenos facing barriers to employment. Xuong is a recycling worker who takes apart electronic waste which is then recycled into products that we use on a daily basis. By having access to stable employment, Xuong has been able to continue his education. “I was hired as a fulltime employee by Isidore Recycling and after that I began college and I was able to keep my job.”

Xuong’s employer, Isidore Electronics Recycling, provides electronic recycling services in Los Angeles and provides job training and employment opportunities for individuals with a history in the criminal justice system. Xoung is only one of thousands of Angelenos who can greatly benefit from the proper implementation of Los Angeles’ new Zero Waste Program. By investing in the improved management and recycling of our waste, the city can also boost the creation of good green jobs that pay a fair wage for workers to raise their families.