Rosa Casarrubias

Restaurant Server, Westin Hotel Long Beach

Rosa Casarrubias has worked at the Westin Hotel  in Long Beach for nine years as a server at the hotel’s restaurant.The work pace at the Westin is very fast and the restaurant is often understaffed, so Rosa is often rushing to get orders out.

“I work hard everyday to provide for my three children. I take great pride in the work that I do. I have served many guests over the years but I feel that I have not been treated with the dignity and respect that every worker in Long Beach should have.”

During the time that Rosa has worked at the restaurant, she has been harassed by rude guests who have told her inappropriate comments. Rosa feels that because of the existence of a hotel culture that says that the customer is always right, hotel workers are often left unprotected and vulnerable to abuse both by hotel management and guests.

When Rosa, comes home from work, she feels stressed and exhausted and has little time to spend with her husband and children. That is why Rosa, alongside her coworkers at the Westin is organizing to improve their working conditions to be able to provide a brighter future for her family. As a member of the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and Healthy Communities, Rosa knows that good quality jobs in Long Beach is a key part of economic development that will create a world class tourism industry in Long Beach.