Maria Osorio


I am a mother of three, and grandmother of three adopted grandsons. We live in South LA where one of my grandson’s attends Carver Middle School, and two attend Harmony Elementary School. I have been fighting for years to get my children the resources they need at school. One child was diagnosed with ADHD and hyperactivity in third grade; another was diagnosed in kindergarten. I rely on the school’s nurse, social worker, and special education teachers to navigate the school system. Although it took over two years, they have helped to develop an Individualized Education Plan for my second oldest grandson, and have supported both my boys through emotional and traumatic issues. I worry about my children’s safety if they lose access to nurses and counselors at school. Last year, the school removed our social worker during a time when my children were dealing with traumatic events at school. I don’t know if she will be replaced. Now I am afraid the same will happen with the school nurse.