Maggie Valenzuela

Senior Organizer

Maggie worked with UNTE HERE, one of the nation’s strongest and largest unions, for nearly 18 years. Before coming to LAANE, she served as the the interim Executive Director for OCCORD.

Maggie has been active in organizing and advocating from a young age. As an immigrant, a devoted daughter to immigrant parents, and as a mother, she knew that civil engagement would be part of her career. Maggie has had the privilege to be part of intense campaigns, lead groups of workers and staff, and build strong teams to fight for the “American Dream,” regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. She takes pride in saying she’s been part of the fight to help improve the lower and middle class.

Maggie’s dedication to achieving social and economic justice that puts community first is her truest mission. She wants her son to value where he comes from and be proud of the work his mom does.