Lynn Greenberg


I’ve always been an activist.  In Milwaukee in ’55, I marched for fair housing; in Berkeley in ’65 while becoming a psychotherapist, I protested the Vietnam War and talked hippies down from bad trips. As an adult in L.A. in the 70’s, I became more focused and pragmatic.  I saw new approaches and ideas.  I believed that fear prevented people from thinking clearly about nuclear energy & weapons.  So I, and compatriots, founded the Thursday Night Group, a nuclear education organization, to help people overcome their emotional resistance to addressing nuclear issues. Our approach worked. We were invited into synagogues, churches, schools, homes, LAUSD, seminaries, etc.  We even made videos that U.S. Congressional wives took to the Soviet Union.  Who imagined we would still be confronting these same nuclear issues today?

Over the decades I helped create or revitalize a number of organizations that used new approaches to solving problems.  Some groups worked; one failed.  I learned the importance of having clear focused approaches to solving social problems. When I returned to L.A. in 2005, I looked to see where to put my effort; what useful was being done to address economic and social injustices.  The answer was clear: LAANE , the most pragmatic and effective organization I have ever seen.  In 2006 I was honored when asked to serve on LAANE’s Advisory Board. Other passions: my psychotherapy private practice; my four grandchildren, sons, husband, garden, & dog; travel, reading, bridge, good food & friends.