Diana Lara

Food Finders

Diana joined Don’t Waste Long Beach to help expand the city’s food rescue capacity.

It is estimated that there are 48 million Americans currently living in food insecure households lacking access to some of the most basic necessities, and the LA region is the most food insecure region in the nation. Countless tons of food waste that can be used to feed hungry families is instead incinerated or sent to landfills. Food waste is the largest source of waste in U.S. landfills surpassing both paper and plastic.

Diana Lara, a 20 year resident of Long Beach, has made it her mission to address this issue through her work with Food Finders.

The role of Food Finders is to feed families, not landfills.  The organization rescues perfectly edible food from local grocery stores provides it to Long Beach’s neediest residents before it ends up in a local landfills or incinerator.  For the last ten years, Diana has worked to collect food from different donors like restaurants and bakeries and drop it off to different organizations that provide meals for folks like homeless shelters, and sober living homes.