Cathy O’Neill


Cathy O’Neill is a wife and the mother of two girls, ages 12 and 5.  She feels privileged to have been able to devote herself to volunteer efforts since she was a modern dancer in Manhattan and performed in youth centers olat podcast herunterladen.  Later when she began acting, Cathy also worked behind the scenes and helped non-profit heater companies through networking to share resources. Once in LA, Cathy organized work days, managed, and was President of the Board of First Stage Theater Company herunterladen.  She became certified as a Diversity Trainer and worked pro bono for arts organizations.  Cathy developed two educational programs for a homeless shelter in South Central which she coordinated and taught for many years e-bücher gratis downloaden.  She is an advanced certified Bodymind Integrator, an Agape licensed practitioner, has a BA from Antioch University, studied Nonviolence with Pastor James Lawson, and has completed her course work as a Waldorf teacher.  Cathy has been the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Westside Waldorf School for 5+ years where she has also been the Chairperson of the Buildings, Grounds, Safety and Beautification Committee and the head of the recycling efforts nero 9 for free.  She was instrumental in the creation of a Stewardship subject at the school, where the children are pointed towards becoming stewards of the school grounds and of the earth ringtone download huawei.  She is also currently coordinating workshops in Non-violent Communication. Cathy is very happy to begin working with LAANE.