Alice Stevens

Long Beach 350

A five year Long Beach resident and a dedicated environmentalist, Alice Stevens is committed to a vision of a clean and thriving city with recycling and good jobs for all.

Alice is passionate about reducing waste in Long Beach because of the great impact that waste has on climate change. Currently, Long Beach’s commercial waste and recycling system doesn’t provide residents access to recycling or green waste collection, which means that thousands of tons reusable resources ends up in landfills. Additionally, the inefficient routing in Long Beach’s current system adds to additional, and unnecessary, greenhouse gas emissions and wear and tear on overburdened streets and alleyways from waste trucks.

Alice hopes that by reforming its current commercial waste hauling system, Long Beach will be able to provide guarantted access to recycling and composting for all Long Beach residents and decrease the city’s dependence on landfills. She wants to make sure that her children can have a clean and healthy environment to live in when they reach adulthood.