Waste & Recycling

Don't Waste Long Beach

The Don’t Waste Long Beach Coalition is committed to working with Long Beach city leaders to ensure a clean and thriving city with recycling, composting, and good green jobs for all. We do this by advocating for more environmentally-sustainable practices in the city’s commercial waste and recycling industry.

Few industries have a greater impact on our communities, environment, and employees than the commercial waste and recycling industry. The current system servicing Long Beach residents and businesses operates with few basic standards, resulting in tons of recyclable materials being unnecessarily sent to landfills, and exposing workers to dangerous conditions.  Additionally, inefficient routing in the current system exacerbates traffic congestion, air pollution, and wear and tear on our overburdened streets and alleyways.

Don’t Waste Long Beach brings together community, environmental, health and labor organizations to establish higher standards for Long Beach’s commercial and multi-family waste and recycling industry. These standards will help ensure more recycling, clean air and streets, fairness for customers, and good green jobs for Long Beach residents.

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