Ports & Goods Movement

Our People Our Port

Our People Our Port works to create good jobs, healthy communities, and a clean environment at the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach. We seek to raise up community and worker voices about the economic and environmental impacts of the twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Over 43% of the goods entering the United States come through these ports. Over fifteen million container units move through our communities each year by trucks, trains, and other machinery, creating massive environmental impacts on nearby communities.

The over 12,000 trucks that do business at the ports had historically been among the oldest, most polluting fleet in the nation, resulting in negative impacts for harbor-area communities. In 2008, we helped pass the Clean Trucks Program in Los Angeles and Long Beach, which mandated that old, dirty trucks must be phased out and replaced with new vehicles.

There is no doubt that the Clean Trucks Program has cleaned the air: the newer trucks mandated by the program have resulted in a 90 percent reduction in diesel emissions. Cargo is being hauled more cleanly, and communities near the port are breathing easier.

Since the passage of the Clean Trucks Program, the Our People Our Port coalition has continued to work with partners in the environmental, community, and labor movements to ensure that truck drivers are provided with good jobs and that the industry’s effects on local communities are mitigated. In partnership with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, we do this by assisting drivers in challenging misclassification through administrative claims, litigation and direct action.

As the sector rapidly changes, we have established PortInnovations.com as a source of information about the latest findings and rulings from state administrative and legal bodies, as well as the innovations that the transportation and warehousing sectors use to deal with issues of competition and compliance. We envision that this will become a place for industry, legal and regulatory players to keep up on the latest litigation, rulings, legislation, and innovations, with an eye to a future where the sector benefits everybody — community members, business interests, and all who work at the Ports.