Hospitality & Tourism

Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs & A Healthy Community

The Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs & A Healthy Community connects local community, labor, religious, and student leaders and organizations to fight growing inequality and poverty in Long Beach. By promoting living wages, responsible development, affordable housing, and healthy communities, our Coalition is advocating for a fair and sustainable economy that works for everyone.

Our vision is to create a fair and sustainable economy in Long Beach in which the community is an active and integral part of the city’s overall development process. We believe that workers’ rights are human rights and that people should have a say in the political decisions that affect their lives.

Despite strong political support and large subsidies, Long Beach’s tourism and hospitality industry has historically failed to offer a fair return on the public’s investment, contributing to poverty in local communities with low-wage jobs that leave many workers unable to support their families. 

For over three years, hotel workers in Long Beach have been fighting for protections against sexual and physical abuse in the workplace. After the City Council voted down an ordinance in September 2017 that would have provided much needed protections, workers are standing up and sharing their stories.  After collecting 46,000 signatures throughout Long Beach, the coalition is poised to pass Measure WW on November 6. This Measure would provide protections such as panic buttons, mandatory signage, and more humane workloads so that workers can have dignity and respect as they make a living. The time to end sexual and physical abuse in Long Beach hotels is up.  Please click here for more information on how to get involved.