Reclaim Our Schools LA is a coalition of parents, educators, students, school staff, and community members working to improve access and advance opportunities in public education for all students in Los Angeles.

Our existing educational system does not consistently deliver on the promise of a comprehensive, free, innovative, and sustainable public education for every student. This is why Reclaim Our Schools LA’s priority is to strengthen neighborhood public schools in Los Angeles and work with communities across LAUSD to push for policies that support every student. We believe that every student deserves equally excellent educational opportunities and access, regardless of their race, socioeconomic background, geography, or special needs.

Reclaim Our Schools LA believes that a community schools model is an effective approach to transform opportunities for every student in Los Angeles. A community school is a center for community services housed at a neighborhood school that uses community partnerships and expanded educational opportunities to better support students, parents, educators, and community members. First students, parents, educators, and community members collaborate to create a vision of what their school should look like to meet their community’s unique needs. Then they collaborate with nonprofit organizations and public agencies to provide services at the school site.

Reclaim Our Schools LA is working to have LAUSD designate itself as a community schools district and for the LAUSD Board to allocate funds to roll out this model.