Don't Waste LA

Don’t Waste LA is a coalition of community, environmental, faith, and labor organizations working to make Los Angeles a zero waste city. We do this by advocating for more environmentally-sustainable practices in the commercial waste and recycling industry while simultaneously supporting the creation of good, green jobs.

Don’t Waste LA celebrated a major victory in December 2016 when the Los Angeles City Council finalized the adoption of the Zero Waste LA Franchise System. Zero Waste LA will make Los Angeles a national leader in modern and sustainable waste collection, and set the city on track to divert 90% of its waste from landfills by 2025. Moving forward, this new system will result in one million tons of waste being diverted from landfills on an annual basis, $200 million in new infrastructure investment, and prioritization of food recovery for needy families. Additionally, all Los Angeles residents and businesses will have access to recycling, expanded compost collection, and improved job quality.

Don’t Waste LA will continue to work with leaders in the City of Los Angeles to ensure that this new system achieves the highest possible standards, and makes LA a national model for greater environmental accountability, recycling, quality customer service, clean trucks, and quality jobs.