Richard Foos


Shout! Studios

Richard Foos has been in the entertainment business for over forty years, starting with a small record store named Rhino Records, and eventually growing it into the well-known audio label which was sold to Time Warner in 1998. Since then, Foos and his partners started another company, Shout! Factory (now Shout! Studios). Shout! is one of the leading independent companies in entertainment, giving its fans definitive home media releases of classic and cult-favorite films and TV shows, as well as theatrical releases and original productions. 

Foos strongly believes in merging one’s social values with business and has installed a strong sense of purpose and giving back in all his business concerns. He serves as Chairman Emeritus for Little Kids Rock and on the boards of Grammy Music Education Coalition, Type Media Center, Pico Union Project, College Match, Brave New Films and other such non-profits that make a strong commitment to social progress.