Stuart Davidson

Partner, Willig Williams & Davidson and Co-Chair, LAANE Advisory Board

The world is a broken place, it is in desperate need of repair.  I learned as a child that it was the obligation of all people to repair the world, even in small ways. We call the obligation Tikkun Olam.  In my faith, Tikkun Olam is the obligation to make the world more just, more peaceful, more tolerant, and more equal.  We are taught that each of us bears responsibility not only for our own moral, spiritual, and material welfare, but also for the welfare of the world in which we live.

LAANE repairs the world in very significant and healing ways.  LAANE has built an extraordinary coalition of folks committed to building a better future.  Whether it is empowering port drivers to secure better wages and a safer environment or supporting our teachers and students to teach and learn in safer schools with smaller classes or ensuring a healthier environment for all Angelenos, LAANE is healing the world.

I have been energized and inspired not only by the issues that they have tackled but even more by the coalitions that they have built, coalitions of once adversaries who have come together in common cause to restore the “American Dream.” LAANE’s ability to bring folks together who might have opposing interests in other venues to find common ground on issues of the environment and social justice is a remarkable skill.  When I saw unions, businesses, and environmentalists put their anger aside to join together to fix things, I realized that I was in a very special place with very special people.

Across America, there are organizations embracing the LAANE model.  LAANE and its supporters, effectively put action behind their words and philosophies, and I am proud to be a part of it. LAANE embodies the special principles of Tikkun Olam not only in Los Angeles, or California, but throughout our nation.

Happy Anniversary LAANE and thank you for repairing the world!