Grocery & Retail

Fair Work Week LA

Fair Work Week LA strives to improve the lives of grocery and retail workers in Los Angeles. Our vision of a prosperous Los Angeles for all includes a strong and vibrant grocery and retail sector that provides high-quality jobs and high-quality food for all communities. We hold companies accountable to our standards of good jobs, responsible grocers, and food access for all.

Our coalition works to ensure that retailers act as responsible businesses in the communities where they operate by creating and maintaining good jobs in the industry. We collaborate with and support the efforts of grocery workers fighting for good jobs including the Justice for El Super Workers campaign, Our Walmart workers, and members of UFCW Local 770.

We also believe retailers have a duty to all communities of Los Angeles. Unequal access to food faced by some communities is not only unethical, but also has long-term consequences on the health and welfare of these communities. Fair Work Week LA advocates for policies and programs that encourage the expansion of healthy food options in food deserts across Los Angeles.

It is problematic when the practices of multi-national corporations do not take into account their impact on local businesses, residents, and workers. This is why Fair Work Week LA works to hold these retailers accountable by advocating for protections and community benefits that raise the standards in the grocery and retail industry.